Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog Assignment 3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
I guess I'm lucky, because so far my college experience has been great. After watching the movie "A Vision of Students Today" I see that not everyone is as lucky as me. I have been blessed with small classes throughout college. One of the things that caught my attention most was he fact that one girl said her average class size is 115, another said that only eighteen percent of her teachers know her name. Now, this semester has just started but so far all of my teachers have known my name. So, this video does represent a college experience different from mine, however there was something that applied to me. One student said he spends hundreds of dollars on textbooks that he never opens. I have been frustrated a few times by teachers calling for a textbook and then not teaching from it.
I think the point of the movie was that we should use technology to improve student's college experiences. I definitely think that offering more online classes could help. However, I would never want all classes to go online. I'm not the type of person who wants to go to school online, I enjoy the classroom experience. Having to go to class provides discipline that I need to keep my grades up. The movie was great though, and if I could ad anything to it I would show how technology can be used more in the classroom, instead of just a plain old chalkboard.

It's Not About The Technology - Kelly Hines

The title of Mrs. Hines blod really caught my attention. As someone who is not toally engulfed in the technology world it sparked my interest. I agree with Mrs. Hines that technology is important in the classroom, but it's not the main focus. As Mrs. Hines stated, there are other things about our teaching systems that need to change in the twenty first century, not just technology. One thing Mrs. Hines pointed out is that teachers should be learners, and I completely agree. What good is a teacher who has quit learning? There is always new information, and not one person can ever know everything. We as future teachers need to realize that if we do not put in time and effort to continue learning we will not be very valuable to our students.
Mrs. Hines included a list of four things that teachers need to recognize to be effective and positive. I personally found her blog to be helpful and inspiring. As a future teacher, and someone who is already working in the filed of education I think Mrs. Hines perspective on teaching is excellent and her blog is definitely one that I will continue to read.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
dumbfounded woman staring at computer screen

I do not think that it is ok to be a technologically illiterate teacher, however, I do not feel quite as strongly about it as Mr. Fisch. Technology is definitely important in the classroom but saying that a teacher who is technologically illiterate is like a teacher thirty years ago who could not read or write is extreme in my opinion. Which Mr. Fisch did say that it is an extreme statement. I agree with him that teachers do need to be educated in technology and being "technologically illiterate" really isn't acceptable, teachers need to at least know basic computer skills.

Where my opinion differs from Mr. Fisch's is... there are teachers in schools who specifically teach technology, so I don't feel that a teacher in another subject who isn't totally in the know is harming students. Middle school and high school teachers do need to be able to incorporate some technology into their classrooms, but just because they don't keep up with everything going on in the technology world I do not feel they are bad teachers. Elementary teachers need to use technology as well, just on a smaller scale. So yes Mr. Fisch is correct that technology is needed in school, and like I said, a teacher needs to have at least basic computer skills, but I don't feel that a teacher should be condemned for not having more than that.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

Wow, so I never realized how fast the online world is moving. Watching the live statistics was an eye-opener for sure. Going into the education field future teachers like us need to keep in mind the rate that technology is advancing. Within the few short years that we graduate and start teaching so much will have changed. We have to remember that and try our hardest to do whatever it takes to reach our students and that is going to mean having an open mind and trying our best to stay in tune with where technology is going.

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  1. Hey! I have had the same experiences with college that you have, normally my classes at South have been small. So far at South my teachers do not know my name. I normally use my books that were required to buy, but I would be mad if I had to buy textbooks and never use them. I agree with how you said that you think that teachers should be technologically literate, but I do not feel that it should be as stressed as much as Mr. Fisch thinks. I think that teachers should know the basic concepts. I like how you think that middle school and high school teachers should have more technological information than elementary teachers. I completely agree. The online world is moving so fast, it is definitely an eye-opener. Teachers really do need to keep in mind that technology is always moving.