Thursday, September 9, 2010

C4T Summary # 1

I was assigned to read posts by Matthew Needleman. In the first post I read Mr. Needleman had links to videos that students had made, all the way from elementary school. The videos were cute and a great way to get students excited about their work. My comment to Mr. Needleman basically explained that I think the videos are a fantastic idea and a great way to get students engaged in their school work.

The second post I read by Mr. Needleman was about effectively showing videos in classes. He gave detailed instructions on showing videos, including how to keep students from shouting out and what the teacher should be doing during video time. He also explained that students need to learn that video time isn't a treat or is less rigorous than reading a book or doing paper work. In my comment to Mr. Needleman I thanked him for the great information and stated that I found the post helpful and that I will definitely remember this information when showing videos to my future students.

I enjoyed reading Mr. Needleman's posts and I will will continue reading his blog. I recommend everyone to read at least one of his posts. He is informative and shares great ideas and techniques for teachers.

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