Saturday, December 4, 2010

C4K November and Dec. 5th

assorted fall veggies
I was assigned to a student in Mr. Chamberlain's eighth grade class. Unfortunately their site was down so I chose a student in Mrs. Cassidy's first grade class. His name was Daulton and he had drawn a picture of his Halloween costume. He was a skeleton and he drew a skeleton with bright green and white bones on a blue background. In my comment to him I told him that I loved the colors and his super scary skeleton.

For C4K #9 I was assigned to a class blog for fourth graders in Texas. In the particular post I was assigned to I the teacher had shown the students a photo of a girl wearing a bathing suit and running on a beach. They were to  1. Observe – Tell what you see , 2. Infer – Tell what you think happened before, and 3. Predict - what do you think will happen next. The students did an excellent job with the project. In my comment to their class I told them that I think this was a neat project and they did a great job. I also encouraged them to keep up the good work.

C4K #10 - I was assigned to Mrs. Conlin's Flat Stanley Project. Their class had read “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown and is sending their own Flat Stanleys out into the world, which I think is neat. I was assigned to read the blog post titled Flat Devin. In this post Flat Devin was headed to Vermont. In my comment I said that Vermont is a place that I have always wanted to visit and that I would like to explore activities like skiing being as we don't get much snow where I live. I also said that I would be checking in to see how Flat Stanley's trip to Vermont goes. I enjoyed this blog, it's a great kids blog and I think many of you would enjoy reading it so here is the link

C4K #11 - I was assigned to Frank's blog in Mrs. Haugen's sixth grade class. He wrote a poem called Cherries Red. The poem was about a man who committed suicide after remembering the people he had killed. It was a dark somewhat violent poem but had a deep meaning. In my comment to Frank I told him he did a fantastic job on the poem and that is was interesting.

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