Sunday, December 5, 2010


stick people connected by a heart with bubbles above them. One bubble has a light bulb and one has a question mark. The border is different websites used in a PLN such as Delicious. TITLE=
As I mentioned in my previous post about my PLN, before this class I did not know what a PLN was. But now, I have connected with many teachers through our C4T assignments and I still visit many of their blogs regularly. I currently do not spend a lot of time on Twitter but I am following Dr. Strange as well as many of the people he has recommended. I have also used Delicious a couple of times. I am also using Facebook. It has allowed me to share different things I have learned in this class with my friends, family, and co-workers. I have family members who are teachers so Facebook and email have served as ways to communicate with them about things I have learned in this class as well as tips and advice on projects. My PLN is still a work in progress but it is definitely much larger than it was at the beginning of this semester.

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