Saturday, December 4, 2010

C4T for teacher #4

cartoon teacher with message that says great teachers inspire
I was assigned to read the blog of Angela Rand. In the first post I read, Angela discussed the difference between expert and novice. She also told her story of how she became an expert in technology tools. She talked a lot about self learning. In my comment to her I told her my own experience with this class. I told her how nervous I was at the beginning of the semester as well as at the beginning of each new project but after every project was I over I came out on top knowing a lot more than I did when I started.

When I re-visited Angela's blog she had not posted anything since the post I had already commented on so I went to her previous post and commented on it. In this post Angela talked about reflective writing and how she thought she understood it before. She said that she needs to write about what she is learning. In my comment to Angela I told her that I am working on my first blog for my EDM310 class and that writing about what I have learned has shown me how much I have truly learned this semester.

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