Saturday, November 6, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

The most important thing that Sir Ken Robinson said in Changing Educational Paradigms was that we shouldn't be putting children to sleep we should be waking up what is inside of them. I guess the reason that really stood out to me is because in my K4 class I have a little boy who was recently put on ritalin. He always seems zoned out and it takes him a very long time to complete his work. The reason it takes him so long has nothing to do with his intelligence, he is very bright, it is because the medication slows his brain down too much. There wasn't anything in this video that I did not agree with. I thought video was neat, the artist did a great job. EDM310 is my first class in my professional studies so I haven't really been tuaght much about ADHD. If I did a video like this I would defnitely want to be the narrator.


  1. Hey Jessica,
    I have to agree with what you are saying as well as Sir. Robinson. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in elementary school and I know the effects of being on medication. It was not fun, but at the same time it helped. I am a nanny and on of my boys has ADHD. I have seen first hand what the medication will do to a teenager who is normally happy he is so miserable and can not stand being around other people. I think if we did more to keep our students engaged and not teach them all of this mess we are having to learn how to to then they will be better students. If we go back to the old way of teaching our lives and their lives would be so much easier.

  2. It definitely helps this kid but I just feel like I'm drugging him up every day when I give him those pills because it puts him is sort of a daze. He's only four, it breaks my heart to have to give such a young child pills every day. In this case I feel like a much lower dose of medicine just to calm him down and a huge dose of dicipline from home would have taken care of the problem.