Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summary for C4K #5, #6, and #7

For my C4K #5 I was assigned to Kayla's blog in Mrs. Byrne's class. The post that I read was titled Miners in Chile. Kayla provided plenty of facts regarding the terrible accident that occured in Chile. She also posted some pictures of the rescue as well as where Chile is located on a map. In my comment to Kayla I told her that she did a great job providing facts and that I also learned a few things about the incident that I didn't previously know. I also told her that she did a good job with the pictures and that pictures always add a little something extra to a post.

For C4K #6 I was assigned to Pipita's blog in GSandler's class. His post was titled The Blog. Pipita talked about how much he enjoyed the class blog and contributing to it. In my comment to Pipita I said that his post encouraged me to have a class blog in my future class and that I am glad he enjoys his blog.

For C4K #7 I was assigned to Quossay's blog in Ms. Naugle's fourth grade math class. Quossay did not have any posts so I chose another student in that class, Kylie. Her post was on her trip to the fair. She described the experience very well. She talked about everything from listening to her friend's ipod on the bus ride to the animals she saw at the petting zoo. In my comment to Kylie I encouraged her to keep blogging and told her she did a great job describing her experience.

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