Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Assignment 11

woman with headphones on with huge smile on her face

Before taking EDM310 I would have thought that Ms. Cassidy's approach to technology was over the top and way too much for a six year old. But now, half-way through this semester I am understand more and more why technology is so important in the classroom. As Ms. Cassidy said "technology isn't going away", so why not start our students young? One of my concerns about having a class blog was the safety of the students but, Ms. Cassidy proves that having a class blog can be safe. I am an elementary education major and I want to teach between kindergarten and second grade and I have thought that my students probably wouldn't be that interested in a class blog but Ms. Cassidy's class proved me wrong. I am excited about all the things I am learning in this class that I will be able to use to make my classroom more exciting.


  1. Hi! I also want to teach Kindergarten thru second grade and was concerned about the safety of doing a blog for children. The commenting on kids in class, along with Mrs. Cassidy's approach to technology made me realize that there is a safe way to do things online. I am excited to start teaching so that I can use all the technology I am learning. Your blog looks great so keep up the good work!

  2. I certainly understand your perspective. In fact I'd bet that plenty of teachers in the classroom today would think that Mrs. Cassidy's methods are as you said, "over the top." But, as we know these methods will carry these students into the future while the older, "status quo" will only drag them down. What are some of your ideas about using blogs with young students?

  3. Thank you Kayla :) Stephen, I want to teach younger elementary students and I think I would like to post their art work to a class blog and allow their families as well as others to comment.