Sunday, November 14, 2010

Form results for Project # 6

 My Topic: Effects of the BP Oil Spill. I chose this topic because it is something that virtually everyone living in this area knows about and has an opinion on.

My Results: Out of eighteen responses  33%, being the highest, of people thought that the BP Oil Spill had little effect on them personally, that was surprising to me. However, 50% thought that the oil spill effected the Alabama gulf coast quite a bit. 28% of my responders gave BP a 4 out of 10 rating in how well they handled the catastrophe with then being exceptional and 1 being poor. 56% of people thought that the tourism and food industry suffered the most from the oil spill. 61% thought that BP somewhat properly responded to the needs of the workers who lost their jobs. It seems that nearly everyone, 83%, was in agreeance that the workers who lost their jobs should have the first opportunity in being hired to clean up the gulf coast. 67% of people said that oil spill did not affect the amount of trips they normally take to the gulf. That surprised me because it drastically affected the amount of trips I take. 61% of people say that they did not personally observe any oil or tar balls at the gulf. 72% of people think that BP has made sufficient effort in cleaning up the gulf coast. And last but not least, 61% of my responders think that BP could have done better with being compassionate toward the families who lost their loved ones while working on the oil rig.

 What I feel that I learned from this survey is the true opinions of local people on the gulf coast concerning how they felt about the catastrophe in the gulf caused by BP. The oil spill was a huge topic of discussion for many months. It was always on the news and the front page of the paper. Many people sent in letters to the editor with their opinions of everything that was going on. One of the reasons I chose this topic to do my survey on was because I wanted to know how some of the students here at South felt. I was furious when the oil spill happened because I grew up making frequent trips to the beach. The Alabama gulf coast is where some of my fondest memories were made, so naturally I was upset when it appeared that a huge company had irresponsibly polluted my favorite place. I did not feel that BP or the president did everything they could to clean up the gulf or to help the workers who lost their jobs because of BP's irresponsibility. I had very strong opinions about the oil spill and I found it interesting to know the opinions of some of my fellow classmates.

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