Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment 12

Although we have read blogs where internet safety was mentioned, I don't think we have fully covered it. As future teachers who will be using technology in our classrooms we need to understand how to keep our students safe while benefiting from technology. In the article I have provided a link for below safety measures for students are discussed. In a two paragraph or more response explain how you feel about internet safety for students and if you plan to utilize any of the safety measures mentioned in the article.


  1. Hi Jessica! I also think internet safety for students is so important. I want to learn how to keep my students safe while learning through technology and online. I like that you chose this topic for your blog assignment 12. It is an important subject that needs to be discussed and enforced. I also enjoyed the article you chose to go along with the assignment. Great job!

  2. This is a good idea. Did you do it? How did you feel about the selection? Will you use any of these tips? SS

    p.s. cool graphic!

  3. Thank you :) What exactly do you mean did I do it? If you are talking about the pictures I posted of my preschool kids then yes, I did get permission from their parents to use their pictures and I did use only their first names in the picture. I will most definitely use those tips. I think the safety of children is extremely important. I wouldn't want to open any child up to any type of predator so I will do my absolute best to keep my students protected while using the internet.