Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Assignment 6

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The Networked Student

The networked student video reminded me of my EDM310 class. What this student is doing is basically what my classmates and I are doing in this class. I think the networked student is more responsible as well as more prepared for the future. Learning responsibility is critical for college students because soon there won't be a teacher guiding us, we will be graduating and interviewing for jobs. Employers want responsible employees.
The networked student does still need a teacher. Yes the assignments are provided and they have internet resources but they still need teachers to guide them and give them the basic information they need as well as to answer questions. Also, as future teachers we need to be prepared to be teachers of networked students. We have to accept that things are changing and the way we were taught in school is not going to be the same way we are teaching. Teachers of networked students need to make sure they make themselves totally available for their students because like I said, students have the internet but we still have questions and need guidance.

I definitely feel like a networked student because of this class, before I couldn't say that. Although I do still prefer going to my classes, I think that the future is moving more towards all students being networked students. It would significantly cut down on paper use which would be great for the environment. I know this class had made me be more responsible because my assignments are provided and it is up to me to get them done. My teacher as well as assistants are available to me if I need them. All in all I think that networked students are the students of the future and that teachers will still be needed, just in new ways.


In this video I saw a seventh grader navigate and make use of the internet better than I can. That definitely made me realize that I need to get all that I can out of this class because I'm not as familiar with technology as I need to be. I am going to be teaching students, albeit elementary not middle school like this young lady but I still need to know all that I can in order to prepare my students for the life ahead of them. This girl's PLE is very similar to my PLN in EDM310. The assignments are given to us and it is up to us to be responsible and get them done without our teacher standing in front of us telling us what to do.
The Machine is Changing Us

youtube broadcast yourself

Mr. Wesch elaborated on quite a lot in this video. His main focus though, seemed to to YouTube. I think that YouTube has definitely affected our lives socially. You can find almost anything on YouTube. Some people use it to try to get famous, some to just simply put their opinion out there for others to watch. I think that YouTube has made people more open, people say and do things on their videos that they probably wouldn't normally do because most of the people watching they will never meet. The way that we act and the conversations we have and the things that we do have all definitely been affected by the media, so yes, the machine is changing us.


  1. Excellent post Jessica!

    This seventh grader is impressive. I'm glad you realize the usefulness of this class. We are all a part of the evolutionary process of education. Today we have new tools and so we use them to provide students the best education we can. Tomorrow the tools will be new again and we want you to be ready to go with the flow and have the right attitude to continue learning and keep your students on the cutting edge of what will give them the best opportunities to succeed.

    Your blog looks good. Keep up the good work. SS

  2. Great post Jessica! I also believe the network student reminds me of our EDM class because of the responsibility we carry. I'm definite that employers want responsible employees, and this EDM class is preparing us for the nest level. Although I'm not all-the-way computer literate yet, this class is helping. I really liked your blog, and keep up the great work!

  3. Hi! I also think that the networked student video reminds us of our EDM class. I thought they were very similar. This class has made me very responsible as well. Before this class, I really didn't manage my time very well, but this class has helped me get better about that. I felt the same way about the 7th grader being able to navigate the computer better than I can. This is a very useful class for the future. I think that there should be a class similar to this one required for some of the other majors in college as well.

    I agree with you saying that you can find almost anything on YouTube. I can get on there and look up some of the craziest or most boring things I have ever seen in my life. The machine is definitely changing us. It gives us so many more connections with others in the world that we wouldn't have elsewhere.

    Great post! Good luck with the rest of the semester.