Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Assignment 8

Before watching the "This Is How We Dream" series I had little education on writing with technology. It was all definitely new to me and I found it interesting. He gave interesting ways to create documents and videos. He also showed how to share those documents and videos. It was interesting to see the different ways technology will be used in the future.
I feel that there a lot of people, including teachers who do not know how to do this. As a future teacher I am interested in learning to write in multimedia because I feel that it is something I will need in my career in the future. I think it would be a good tool to get students involved in classroom activities and projects and it would also give them the chance to learn more about technology and writing in multimedia.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 For Dummies
Both of the videos were very entertaining. I think the creator did an excellent job of getting a point across while keeping the audience entertained. I think it would be great to do a video on the relevance of this class. Sometimes I read my assignments and I think why do I need this? When am I ever going to use it? But, then I watch the videos or read the articles and I see how beneficial what I am learning will be to me in my future career.

Smart boards
photo of smartboard
I must admit that I wasn't familiar with smartboards before this assignment. I did have to do some research to find out exactly what they are. While they are interesting and a compliment to the classroom I agree with Michael Staton and Bill Ferriter, they are expensive and aren't really changing much in the classroom. Bill said that he could put together the same lessons he put together using the smartboard by using the computer stations he already has as well as free online tools. I also like the quote he added by Sylvia Martinez, “You can’t buy change. It’s a process, not a purchase. The right shopping list won’t change education.”
One of the blogs that I found that is in favor of smart boards can be found here.
The other one here.
Both of these blogs discuss the ways in which smart boards can be used as well as how easy and affective they are as well as strategies that can be used when teaching with a smart board.
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  1. Great post Jessica!

    Writing with multimedia is an emerging form of communication. Dr. Miller provides an excellent example of this median. But, I don’t think it redefines writing or creating as much as it makes use of new tools to communicate. I think it is another example of a new mind set more than anything else. As Dr. Miller is making use of the latest tools to communicate today those tools will quickly change and a new set of tools will be available tomorrow. Teachers must be open minded, ready to learn, and able to adjust to the ever changing educational environment. I think any of us can do it, the question is will we? SS