Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summary of C4K 1 and 2

I was assigned to read and comment on Cendy G.'s blog. She is a student at Noel Elementary. I read her "It's All About Me" post and her "My Learning Manifesto" post. I was inspired by her manifesto. In this post a couple of things she promised was to keep a positive attitude in class and to try to succeed in every subject. I left her a comment letting her know that she inspired me to have a better attitude about some of my classes that I'm not totally thrilled with.

In her about me post she did an excellent job of letting her audience know who she is. I definitely felt like I knew her after reading that post. She was very descriptive and gave a lot of important information about her as well as her family. My comment to her was basically that she did excellent and that it is great to see a student who puts her education first. I have actually revisited Cendy's blog to read her recent posts.

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