Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summary of C4K 3 and 4

For C4K number 3 I was assigned to read a student named Pesi's blog. His post was about playing rippa rugby. In the post he talked about what it was like to play another intermediate school's team that he described as pretty good. He also said he would like to play them again. He mentioned that he is in grade six and he got to play with grade seven students that which he didn't think was very cool at first because he was the only grade six student but he said he had fun anyway. He also said he would never forget that day because it was so incredible. I told Pesi that it sounded like he had a fantastic time and wished him good luck in his future games.

My C4K number assignment was to read the blog of an eleven year old student in grade six from Australia. In this post he was describing his trip to Canberra. He gave great detail about the places he visited, as well as their schedule for the trip, he even described the bus drivers. He mentioned the things he and his friends thought about while on the bus, even what they ate on the way home, which happened to be McDonalds. It was impressive for an eleven year old. My comment to this student was that he described this trip so well that I felt like I had been there, I also mentioned that I too love McDOnald's nuggets.

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