Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Assignment 7

Randy Pausch's last lecture was not what I was expecting at all. His lecture was very different than what you would be expecting to hear from a professor. His lecture was on childhood dreams and achieving those dreams. Although not conventional, he taught an important lesson. He started by telling the audience some of his own childhood dreams.
Throughout this lecture Randy discusses how he achieved his own childhood dreams. I thought it was phenomenal the way he went after his dreams. He described one by one his childhood dreams and how he managed to achieve them. Playing in the NFL was the one dream that he didn't achieve, but I loved what he said about that, "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."
Randy wanted his students to be excited about achieving their dreams as well. He wanted them to realize that they could make their dreams come true. He introduced new ways of teaching by using more technology than books as well as having students learn teamwork and work in groups. He is very big on teamwork, which I think is a great thing, no one wants to feel alone. Randy was surprised by the results he got from his students when using these techniques. He even had parents coming to class on the nights the students presented their work, which was a first for Randy.
 I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I will admit that when I saw it was an hour long lecture I wasn't thrilled, but, time flew when I was watching it and I found it very interesting. I guess I should be a bit more open minded. I love Randy's ideas and the fact that he wants to encourage people to go after their dreams. So many of us see our dreams as impossible and I think Randy reminded me that they're not impossible and as he says the brick walls aren't put there to stop us.
logic will get you from a to b imagination will take you everywhere

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